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5 Ways to Stand Out as a Young Professional in the Business World

Posted by Custom Stamp Place on

Standing out as a young professional is difficult. You're in a serious transition period in your life, and your friends and family are judging you more than ever before. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you have a job? When are you getting married? Are you living on your own yet? When is that big promotion? It can be a little overwhelming. It's important to, one: not listen to them at all, and two: do everything you can to actually better your life as a professional so you can get them to zip it. Here are a few ways to help you stand out as a young professional in the business world.

  1. Dress the Part -- It's time to throw out those ripped T-shirts and stop wearing athletic shorts to work. It's one thing if you're doing lawn work, working out, or just relaxing at home, but dressing unprofessionally out in the business world will turn heads, and not in the good way. If you go out of the house and you actually look presentable, you'll even feel more confident.
  2. Have a Suitcase -- The key is to have a suitcase with the actual suitcase-related items grownups need. You're not doing yourself any favors carrying around a bag of chips inside your suitcase. Even if you don't have a job that currently requires you to have certain items, it can't hurt being prepared. While briefcases have largely gone out of style, you still need some kind of bag to hold things like pens, paper, schedules, books, documents, stamp pads, and other important supplies.
  3. Don't be Shy -- Even if you're an unpaid intern at a big company just starting out, if you see a someone that could help you on your career path, walk up and talk to them. Don't be rude, but if you genuinely have questions, then don't be afraid to ask. Chances are they'd love to help you out. Networking is key.
  4. Send a Letter -- For those who don't know, a letter is a physical email. If you follow up a job interview or any conference with a personal, handwritten letter with your custom name stamp attached, you will surely turn some heads in the business world. Having a personal signature stamp on your letter will act as the handshake of your remote meeting. Using rubber address stamps with custom name stamps on all your mail for that matter, not just handwritten letters, will make you come off as a professional, and not an immature kid.
  5. Be Working on an Original Side Project -- Just because you don't have the job of your dreams yet doesn't mean that you can't be working towards it. Rather than spending your downtime playing video games and eating junk food like you used to, work on something productive that you enjoy. It'll better prepare you for your future, plus you'll have something to talk about with people you meet in the professional world that will make you seem interesting. Most people will be impressed that you're working on something other than going to the bar on Friday night.

A popular side project that is both interesting and productive is handcrafting items. The craft and fine arts industry is expected to grow 2% over the next eight years, and you could even do that as a fun side job. By selling your products on ecommerce sites like Etsy, where there are more than two million new items sold monthly by 250,000 people, you can actually earn a few extra dollars to go toward that nice new suit or dress.

No matter what you decide to pursue, you still have to develop your own personal brand. Roughly 23% of survey respondents believe that using the terms "handmade" and "handcrafted" online communicates that the product is of high quality. That means a personal touch can go a long way, whether you're an Etsy hustler or following up on an interview with a snail mail thank you card. In either case, throwing on your professional custom name stamps is a great way of marketing yourself.

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