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​How to Create Your Own Unique Wedding Favors

Posted by Custom Stamp Place on

Weddings are one of the most exciting and happy events in a person's life. It is a time of new beginnings, love and memory-making opportunities. One way to make this day even more special for your family and guests is with personalized wedding favors. With a little effort and time, you can easily make unique favors your guests will enjoy.

Personalized Candy Bars

One way to personalize your wedding favors is with candy bar covers. Large boxes of candy bars can be purchased at retail stores, especially large membership stores. For some variety, you can also purchase more than one type of candy bar.

Remove the paper band cover from the candy bar and replace it with your own personalized band of paper. Here are a few ideas for ways to personalize the candy bar:

• Use a personalized stamp with your names and wedding date to replace the paper band.
• Create a paper band that includes photographs of you and special places you enjoy.
• Using a wide band of ribbon, wrap a band around the candy bar, sealed with a square piece of card stock paper decorated with your personalized wedding stamp.


Personalized wedding candles are easy to make and very budget friendly. You can purchase candle making kits at your local craft store or you can buy ready-made candles at discount stores.

If you are making your own candles, you will also need to purchase small jars to pour the melted candle wax into. You can personalize handmade candles further by adding fragrance, which is also available at the craft store.

Wrap the top edge of the candle jar with raffia and add a tag with a stamped personalized message. You can write your message using a metallic gold or silver pen or you can use a personalized stamp. Tags can be made of card stock in all kinds of colors or you can purchase already cut tags.

Another way to personalize wedding favor candles is to add a personalized label on the candle jar. You can find a wide variety of papers and labels in the scrapbook section of craft stores. Add small wedding-themed embellishments and stamps to the candle label for an added creative touch.

Celebration Packets

Traditionally, rice has been tossed at the newly married couple as they leave the wedding or reception venue. However, today many locations do not allow rice to be used. Alternatives to rice can include birdseed, confetti and even dried or fresh flower petals. No matter which alternative you choose, it is easy to create simple packets to hand out to guests for this wedding tradition.

Create packets by following these steps:

  1. Decide on the size you want for your packets. Purchase already-cut paper, which you can fold in half to create the packet.
  2. Fold each piece of paper in half.
  3. Decorate both sides of the paper with your personalized wedding stamp, using your wedding colors.
  4. Using thread and a needle, sew the sides of the packet together, leaving the top of the packet open.
  5. Place glue in a small container large enough to dip approximately 1/8 inch of the bottom of the packet into.
  6. Place glitter into a similar sized container. You can mix glitter of your wedding colors together.
  7. Dip approximately 1/8 inch of the bottom of the packets into the glue first and then the glitter, making sure the glitter entirely covers the glue.
  8. Pop the packets open slightly from the top and prop them upside down to allow the glue to dry.
  9. When the glue has dried, fill the packets with a small amount of the celebration material.
  10. Staple the tops of the packets closed.

When you are close to leaving the venues, have members of your bridal party hand out these creative packets out to guests, so they can shower you with celebration as you leave your venue. Make sure to make extra packets for guests who want to keep a few for their own memories.

Granola Mini Take-Away Boxes

Homemade granola take-away boxes are extremely easy to make and are a great snack for your guests. You can purchase granola at almost any grocery store or make it yourself, then decorate the box with all kinds of creative embellishments.

If you decide you want to make granola yourself, you can find all kinds of granola recipes online. You can add a variety of flavors, including vanilla, sriracha, cinnamon, cardamon, cumin and almost any other flavor or spice combination you can imagine. Also, you can add dried fruits, nuts and flavored popcorn. You can also use a variety of different granola types (sweet, savory and spicy) to allow your guests to choose a flavor they will enjoy.

Purchase mini gabled gift boxes from your local craft store. Gabled gift boxes come in a wide variety of colors, including plain brown, bright and pastel colors and patterns. Decorate the boxes with personalized wedding stamps, personally written messages or scrapbook embellishments.

Add a scoop of granola to the box and include a small scoop, which you can also purchase from your local craft store.

Finish the granola box with a stamped gift tag including a special message from you and a description of the granola.

Wedding favors are a special way for you to create memories for your guests as they share your special day. Using a little bit of imagination, you can make personalized favors to show how much you appreciate sharing one of the most important days of your life.