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Learn How Teachers Can Save Time by Using Custom Rubber Stamps

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Teachers don't work 40 hours a week. Because of their vital work in educating our youth, many teachers work at least 50 hours every week, and it's not uncommon to find teachers who put in 10 or even 20 hours more than that. While the official school day only lasts from 8 to 3, any teacher in the U.S. will tell you that the school day actually starts an hour earlier and doesn't end until sometime in the evening. There's homework to grade, lesson plans to prepare, and parents to contact.

If you're a teacher and regularly grade papers or homework, we guarantee that you can substantially reduce your workload outside the classroom simply by utilizing an array of custom rubber stamps in your everyday routine. Even saving just 30 minutes a day will add up to almost 100 hours over the school year, and what better way to brighten a student's day than a big colorful "thumbs up" picture stamped across the top of an essay?

Teaching Students to Reach for the Stars

At a time when teachers across the country are brainstorming ways to engage their students, a little encouragement can go a long way. Nobody is claiming that a student will work on an extra essay revision just in the hope of receiving a gold star, but what we are claiming is that gently reinforcing the value of hard work can have a lifelong impact. After all, school is every bit about learning how to learn as it is about picking up this fact or that theory, and anything you can do to nurture that love of learning will help shape that student's entire academic career.

However, school should also be fun! Our stamps come in all sorts of designs, and you can customize them with your name or specific messages. Want to change the color? We offer dozens of ink pads to give you variety. Remember — the more you reward good work, the more likely your students will be to value it.

Saving Time Outside the Classroom

What teacher wouldn't jump at the chance to free up an hour or two every week? Think about all of the time you spend writing short messages such as "show work" or "good job." If you have to grade 100 pages of homework per night, you write an average of 4 messages per page, and each message takes just 10 seconds to write, you'll spend about an hour writing. A stamp takes a fraction of the time to load up with ink and mark a page, and what used to take an hour will only take a few minutes.

When you're done using your stamps, a baby wipe will clean your collection with minimal effort. We offer a full range of stamping supplies such as reinkers and stamp cleaners to make the job of maintaining your stamps that much easier. Cleaning your rubber stamps while you use them is the best way to maximize their lifespan and keep the images sharper for longer.

A Librarian's Best Friend

No educator will save more time with stamps than a librarian. Every single time a student checks out a book, the librarian has to mark the date in the back of the book. Dater stamps are designed for that purpose and that purpose alone. Just set the date, and stamp away all day to keep the line of students flowing!

The Fastest Way to Contact Parents

Many teachers require parent signatures on homework, assignment books, or consent forms. A stamp that reads "Parent signature" followed by a blank line is more professional than writing it out by hand, and because you choose where the image is stamped onto the page, you'll always know where to find the signature without searching. Need to speak to them directly? Use a stamp that lists the school's phone number and your extension. There's no need to type up a letter to send home with the student.

A Fun Art Project

Of course, stamps can be a wonderfully simple and fun toy for use in art projects for young children. Simply teaching your students how to use a rubber stamp can be a learning experience, and your students will love creating wondrous scenes out of their imagination. You can combine stamps with other art supplies such as coloring pencils, paint, and crayons, and the ink works on a variety of surfaces.

For K-12 and Beyond

From preschool through college, educators of all grades have used stamps for decades to save time and make school more fun for their students. From the ubiquitous star that denotes a job well done to smiley faces and positive messages, stamps will save you time and give your students something to smile about.