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Let Them Know You Made It With Our Personalized Stamps

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As a crafter, you want people to know that you made something. You may be so good at your craft that most people can’t tell if it is homemade or if you bought it at a store. Be proud of the work you do and mark it with one of our Personalized stamps.

These stamps come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from our large selection of designs so that it fits your personality perfectly. We offer anything from animals to flowers to leaves. Create a personalized stamp with your initials from our monogram selection.

Personalized stamps would be the perfect gift for someone who chooses to create their own holiday paper cards, someone who hosts a lot of parties or someone who makes articles of clothing. You can create little tags, stamp them and safety pin your tag onto your creation.

When you buy one of our personalized stamps, you can choose to purchase a stamp that comes pre-inked or you can just buy the wood mounted rubber stamp. If you buy the wood mounted stamp, you must remember to pick up some of our ink that is made specifically for stamping. We have ink in just about every color that you will need for your stamp. The perk of buying a stamp pad is that it will work with any any stamp you may already own or may own in the future.

Us crafters are always on top of things and with the holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you want to do for your friends and family.