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Send Your Holiday Cards With A Personalized Address Stamp

Posted by Custom Stamp Place on

Now that fall is here, you have the unique opportunity to get creative and send out letters using your personal address stamp with autumn leaves. There are so many excuses to send a letter. In this day and age, with email and texting, the way of the letter has fallen behind. Snail mail is something that we put up with only when absolutely necessary. The way we look at it, who doesn’t enjoy getting a personal note in the mail. Nothing says how much they care like a card just for them.


With Facebook letting all of your friends know that it is your birthday, sure you get the quick “Happy Birthday” message on your page but that just feels so impersonal. Most of those people wouldn’t have even remembered your big day had it not been for their phone notifying them of the day. Wouldn't it be great to give the people you love a card and make them feel special on their birthday?


Tis the season to send out cards of love. Whether it is a card thanking them for everything they do for Thanksgiving or a family newsletter at Christmas telling everyone the events of your life in the last year. Don’t let these old, classic traditions fall to the wayside. Keep them alive and add a personal touch with a personalized address label.

You can even go to the extent of making your own cards to send out to family members if you’re feeling really creative. Your family and friends will display your work of art all season. You can even use one of our “created by” stamps! Shop our stamp collection now!