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The Perk of Having a Return Address Stamp

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Let’s say you have a special event coming up. A wedding, a new baby, a birthday party or something else that may require sending out a lot of announcements or invitations. You may be printing out your cards from a Walmart’s Photo Center or another company and that costs a good chunk of money. Now you have to buy stamps on top of that to put on all of these envelopes. We are already talking at least $100.

But what about the return address labels? Who wants to buy that many return address labels?? True, you could write them all out and save yourself some money but that will take you FOREVER and you just don’t have the arm strength to pen so many envelopes.

At Custom Stamp Place, we have just the solution for you! Let us custom create you a stamp that has your name and address on it. We have styles to fit every kind of personality and they are gender neutral. We know that not all guys like frilly and women don’t always like plain styles.

For a little more than a whole book of postal stamps, you can purchase your own rubber stamp that will last longer than you stay at your address. Pair it with your favorite color ink pad and you will be set. Putting on your return address will take you less time than it will take to buy your custom stamp. Head on over to our address styles page to start shopping now!